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Skiing In Wisconsin – The Go To Spots For Good Action On The Slopes!


What could possibly be more fun than flying down a ski slope with the wind in your hair going a mile a minute? There aren’t many things that can match that thrill, but some people do want to stick to the bunny slopes – don’t blame us, 60 is great on a highway. 20 mph is more like it on the slopes!

There are many areas in the country that have good skiing, from Snowshoe in West Virginia, the steep mountains of the Northeast of the giants of the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada. Wisconsin is not a state that springs to mind immediately, but in the Midwest there are few states that offer more slopes for enthusiasts of the winter sports – and if you get tired of skiing and enjoy fishing the ice fishing in Wisconsin is some of the best around. For more details about adventures traveling, visit this website:

Listed below are four of the best ski resorts that this state has to offer – Wisconsin really does have something for everyone – even skiers!

# 1 – Alpine Valley Resort – If you like skiing and snowboarding, then you will love this resort that is located in the Sugar Creek Valley. Some people believe that its slopes are the most diverse in the state and are utterly out of this world.

# 2 – Cascade Mountain – This ski slope is only a short ride from either Milwaukee or Chicago and on the weekends it can get rather busy. So, if you can somehow finagle a day off during the week, this is the place where you want to go. It has 10 high speed lifts, so it is more than capable of handling a tremendous amount of people. In addition, it is said that you have to be a real pro to tryout their cascades bump runs, they are that extreme.

# 3 – Christie Mountain – This place is in the northern part of the state, so if you are ever in the area, you want to make sure you give their ski slopes a try. They also have some great trails, which if used correctly, are an excellent way to get some exercise and stay in shape during the winter months.

# 4 – Devil’s Head – It might sound a little creepy, but the place is actually a great deal of fun. They have 16 lifts and 30 runs, which is far more than enough to keep you entertained for a day or two. Most kids especially like this place because they have quite a few terrain parks where they can hang out with their friends and have a blast testing their skills against each other. To discover more about the types of things that frighten you visit this website:

Who knew that Wisconsin had this many great ski slopes? This state has so much to offer when it comes to having fun it the outdoors, that it seems like the list is endless. If you are an avid snow skier, then make sure you try out some of the slopes mentioned above the next time you are in Wisconsin.

The Author loves the mountains and the dells of Wisconsin, and can’t wait to get back to his favorite Lake Geneva WI Resorts.

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