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Tips for Business Travelers


Traveling for business can be extremely draining but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Often, travelers bounce from one hotel to the next and never have a chance to get to know each city and therefore don’t appreciate all the places they’ve been.

It’s difficult to get acquainted with a new locale when you only have a day or two to enjoy the sights, but there are ways to appreciate the moment and truly take advantage of each city you’re sent to.

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Read on for three tips for make the most of your travels, and turn a work trip into a combination of business and pleasure.

Take advantage of technology

You don’t need to create an itinerary days ahead of time. And who even has time for that anyway? Smartphone users can utilize the apps on their phones to figure out the best sights and attractions at each destination. Iphone users can try “Around Me” or “Yelp” to find restaurants and bars with positive reviews within walking distance. There is no need to stress about planning ahead because the wonders of technology allow you to easily plan in the moment without risking a travel disaster.

Trust your concierge

A hotel concierge is there to provide insight and directions for guests. They are meant to offer advice and guidance for meals, activities, and transportation. When you’re unfamiliar with an area, the concierge might just be your best bet. Go one step further and make friends with the staff at your hotel. If they get to know you, the recommendations for meals and activities will be even more customized and you will get a real taste of the local culture.

Make your run a two-in-one

If you want to shake off jet lag, adjust to a time change, or simply get to know the neighborhood you’re staying in, go for a run to explore the city. Many hotels – especially those in Europe – don’t have a fitness center or gym on site. Before a day of big meetings, it’s a good idea to clear your head and expend any built-up energy. A run around town will help you get your bearings so you’re better equipped to navigate the area later during your stay.

Don’t let the stress of travel take away from the joy of exploring new places. No matter how tired or jet lagged or unprepared you are to face a new city, it’s important to experience some of the local customs and cuisine before heading home.

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