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Things To Know About Side By Sides


Side by sides can be great for work or play. They can be specialized for a variety of different purposes with the application of custom accessories. This is growing easier as the availability of such accessories is improving; you can get side by side gear here. The following are the top three accessories for different purposes.

Grips are one of the most versatile tools for UTVs. They do just what they sound like: they grip. You can use them to mount items that aren’t pre-specialized for UTVs and to hold items firmly to the frame of your UTV. The grips to look for are ratcheting grips. These mechanically lock at certain levels of tension and closure. This allows for a much firmer hold on whatever it is you need gripped. These are the biggest must if your UTV is used for work. Having them keep your tools handy and secure can be a major advantage.

LED lights are perhaps the most universally-applicable accessory. LEDs are brighter and more efficient than traditional lamps. They have burn-out times in the tens to hundreds of thousands of hours. They also draw far less battery power. They’re ideal for most situations that require white light for illumination or visibility. LEDs can be installed in both light bar and spotlight formats. You can use them for focused or general purposes.

Stealth exhaust upgrades address the most common complaint about UTVS: noise. Stealth exhaust kits greatly reduce the sound produced by the engine of a side-by-side. This allows you to use them more easily for hunting and recreational purposes. It also means you can use them on a broader variety of job sites. Reducing the noise level means taking them within earshot of customers and clients isn’t a problem at all. Stealth exhaust upgrades are an easy choice to make. Most stealth exhaust kits are easy to install. Some don’t even require welding. Stealth exhaust kits can be found for most models of four-stroke engines. For further information on how to silence a UTV muffler, visit this website:

Side by sides get even better when you customize them for your purposes. If you have already made the investment in one there is little reason not to make it better. A few quick searches will get you access to all the best side by side accessories on the web. Take a look and see what’s available; you might be surprised to find what can be improved with the addition of a simple kit. Click here to get the latest news and updates about the latest models in the auto industry.

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