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Tips To Overcome The Technical Issues Of A Vending Machine


Many people have opted for vending machine business as this is one of the most convenient sources of earning and this business provides you with the maximum output. If you have started with this business then you might have realized the malfunctions of your vending machine. Thankfully, these machines have got few easy troubleshooting steps which you can try before ringing your technician.

Check the ventilation:

If there is a refrigeration method in your vending machine, the first thing you need to do is to check the ventilation. Make sure that there is a minimum of 4 to 6 inches space between the wall and the back of your machine for proper ventilation of your machine.

Look for items availability:

You need to check inside the machine to see whether the items are available or totally replenished. In order to do this you need to open the door, where you will find the availability of the goods which the machine is providing. When you’ll find out that the machine is stuffed with all the selling items, make sure that your chosen item is completely released before choosing another.

Take out the blocked items:

You can also make an effort to troubleshoot any machinery issues by checking if there is any item jammed inside the machine. Prior to deciding to try this, though, you should turn power off of the machine. Then, check if there is any item stuffed inside. If there is any jammed item inside then remove that and turn the machine on. You don’t need to be concerned since the machine will reset automatically.

Check the change:

If you find that your machine is not accepting your dollar bill, check and make sure that your machine has enough coins inside it through each of the changer tubes. You can check the dollar validating harness to see if that is not plugged.

Check to see if the fan is working:

If your machine is not able to keep the items cool in a normal way then check whether the lower fan is working or not. In case the fan is not working, then the thermostat might have been powered off or not really working properly. Get your manual guide book and find the location of the thermostat. Turn that on or if the thermostat seems to be faulty then you can replace that.

Check out electrical power source:

Whenever you’ll find that your vending machine is not turning on or you will find that the compressor hasn’t got the power, you have to examine the electric board. Tripped breakers or fuses could possibly trigger this lack of electrical power. If required, basically reset these breakers or replace the faulty fuses with the new fuses which have similar amperage.

It is highly recommended to know the basic troubleshooting steps when you are starting your vending machine business. The above mentioned tips will surely help you to troubleshoot the basic issues of your vending machine.

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