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Some Of The Benefits Of Using Diesel Engines


Diesel engines have many advantages over traditional gas powered engines. They offer users increased fuel economy, cleaner emissions, and an increase in towing power. They also hold their value longer, making them a better investment.

When it comes to fuel economy, studies have shown that diesel fuel actually contains more energy than gasoline. Therefore, burning it produces more power with less effort. This means that vehicles using diesel fuel average more miles to the tank than their gasoline counterparts.

Additionally, diesel fuel burns cleaner. This is actually due in part to the technology contained in the diesel engine rather than the fuel itself. Diesel engines have a high pressure direct injection process that allows them to produce fewer greenhouse gases during combustion. The system also utilizes specialty filters to remove soot and other particulate matter from emissions before releasing the exhaust into the atmosphere.

Because diesel fuel contains more energy per gallon than gas, the engines that burn it transfer that energy into additional torque that can be used to tow greater loads without compromising fuel efficiency. It is because of this effect that diesel engines are designed to handle the extra stress of towing heavy loads.

There are added benefits to the clean way diesel engines burn fuel: the need less maintenance and repairs. Diesel engines burn cooler than gasoline engines, which reduces wear and tear on the moving parts. This means that fewer parts wear out nad need to be repaired during the life of the vehicle. As a matter of fact, while many gasoline engines wear out at around 100,000 miles, most properly cared for diesel engines will last more than 2.5 times this long. . When properly cared for, diesel engines can run for more than 250,000 miles.

While diesel engines tend to be more expensive to purchase initially, the cost to own a diesel vehicle is considerably less and over time, most diesel owners wind up paying much less thanks to increased fuel economy, fewer repair and maintenance costs and longer life. And, because diesel engines have a longer lifespan than most gasoline vehicles, they tend to be worth more at trade in or when sold.

Each of these benefits can be exaggerated with the installation of diesel performance parts. MKM Customs offers a wide range of aftermarket diesel parts designed to help you make the most of your diesel experience.

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