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Now Get MBA Degree With Distance Learning Program


Blooming trade and commerce along with huge industrial and construction projects underway have surely made Dubai gather world’s attention. These factors coupled with rapid increase in tourism and growing expatriate population in the country have opened newer avenues for employment opportunities especially a rising demand in management across all rapidly growing industries like finance, tourism, media, technology to name a few.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some of the best B-schools in the world are venturing into offshore campuses in Dubai, thereby, allowing students quality MBA education facilities. Gone are those days when people had inhibitions about distance learning MBA course being mediocre, nothing could be further from the truth as internationally acclaimed universities provide quality distance education courses and also the fact that today’s companies would gather prefer professionals with experience over a regular degree MBA student.

With some of the best B-schools across the world at their doorstep now and further still, providing distance education, MBA Dubai is a right option. Technological advancements have not left much difference between online learning program and a distance learning MBA program in terms of internet usage, digital study materials (like laptops, CD-ROMs, etc.), virtual interaction between teacher and pupil, access to presentations and tutorials, assignments can be submitted online, feedback facilities in place for the sole purpose of enriching the learning experience and even online assessment. The only significant difference between the two is that distance learning MBA program guarantees quality face to face classroom time with the teaching faculty along the entire duration of your study. The main advantages of opting for a distance learning MBA program are discussed below:

  • Numero Uno- Lighter on your pocket: Pursuing an MBA is indeed an expensive state of affair and that basically implies spending a lot of your hard earned money or taking a serious dent in your savings. Thankfully, distance MBA Dubai learning comes to your rescue as it is much lighter on your pocket as compared to a regular MBA as your expenditure on study materials, relocating, daily commute, etc. is invalid.
  • Study and work without leaving one: This option allows you to work along with your studies, thereby, no need to quit your job and in the process gaining substantial experience too.
  • Flexibility and accessibility as per one’s requirement: Another distinct advantage is that you can choose your own course structure based upon your interest, career prospects, lifestyle, etc. Your course structure could gambit from a spectrum that goes from self-paced to fast express. A working professional can come home after work and go through the digital study material or tutorials at night or better still load the study materials on their Smartphone and read these study materials or view tutorials while commuting.

Experienced professionals are in demand these days: Top employers prefer MBAs with experience as they require less training time as compared to a fresher, so MBA Dubai combined with work experience proves to be a sensible choice for faster employment, fatter pay cheques and improved prospects of promotion.

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